How to manage Bluetooth 4.0 devices on iOS 10

Hello again!

Since the introduction of Bluetooth LE or “BLE” or Bluetooth Smart back in 2010, it increasingly gained too much attention from both manufacturers and developers equally since it brought numerous improvements such as low energy consumption, relatively small size, and most importantly the ability to broadcast signals between multiple devices; just to name a few. Some might ask why should we even care about Bluetooth 4.0 now knowing that Bluetooth 5.0 has been already out for almost a year; The reason I am writing this now is that Bluetooth 5.0 is not adopted but most IoT/smartphones OEM just yet; Samsung GALAXY S8 might be the only device supporting the latest Bluetooth standard while this post is written.

Target audience

If you are an iOS developer who is working on a application that involves broadcasting data to one or more Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices (Peripheral) or receiving advertised data (central) and everything in between. This article is for you.

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How to create android apps with budget devices in mind


Hello, again! This article is somehow related to a workshop I made a few months ago, so if you are one of those TL;DR people, you can jump directly the open source demo app I prepared which also have the tools included: GitHub


What this is all about

This topic has crossed my mind after noticing that many users with “entry-level” or budget devices are struggling with a disastrous user experience while using many popular apps. When you see users face sluggish or even not responding UI while trying to perform basic operations like opening/closing the app or scrolling down list of items, you almost immediately get the feeling that there is something wrong or missing. Here I am trying to get to the bottom of this issue with many apps.

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How to make a Custom TabBar on iOS


I am writing this article since I needed to create a TabBar with custom TabBarItems which have different dimensions. Surprisingly I didn’t find a method or approach to accomplish that in the official documentation or any other website.

Before we start here is the final result


custom TabItem with custom image

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Getting started!

Hello there!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, I am not really sure where it is going but I am planning to share my projects details on it whenever I get the chance as well as my thoughts about numerous topics.

As an open-source enthusiast, I believe in sharing. I can’t really think of a world without open-source, I mean, take a moment to imagine the internet and the tech industry with commercial-only licenses and with nothing but closed-source software and hardware around! where would we be without people contributing in the creation of great products, sharing their knowledge for the good, for anyone who wants to learn, improve, use and share again ..

We have suffered (and still suffer) from the companies who enslave users with closed software which, not only spy on them and send their data to unknown services, but also sells their data to whomever is ready to pay for it. That means that we are paying for the previlege of being a product.

I also believe in the right to privacy, no one have the right to access your data without your knowledge and consent. period.

I am also planning to share some code snippets for issues I encountered during my work on projects and which have not been dealt with before to help saving time for fellow developers!

Those are some of the reasons I am creating this blog and I hope it will be useful for whoever visists it!